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Magic Spakles on cupcakes

About Us

In 1995 our Founder, Harish Patel, wanted to create a unique concept in edible food decoration and led an extensive research programme involving scientists and engineers to invent the world's only fully edible food decoration that created a prismatic effect with direct light.

Magic Sparkles & Magic Twinkles are the outcome of this research and are used by purveyors of speciality foods worldwide having earned a loyal following among many of the leading players in the food and beverage industry.


The business is owned and operated by the family of the late Mr. Patel.

“Leave a little sparkle wherever
you go” 

 Fully Edible, GMO free, Gluten Free...

And still looks stunning

Magic Sparkles are one of the few truly fully edible glitters.

Many other food decoration glitters are classified as 'non-toxic'. Non-toxic glitters are not regarded as harmful to the body but they aren't edible either. When selecting a food glitter it is very important to read the list of ingredients. Magic Sparkles are made from food ingredients and are therefore perfect for use on your sweet creations!

 Magic Sparkles & Magic Twinkles are also GM free, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. 

“She who leaves a trail of glitter will never be forgotten.” 

- Linda Grayson -

No Limits

There are no limits to what you can sparkle up!


Add a pinch of Magic Sparkles or Magic Twinkles to spruce up your cakes, biscuits, crisps or add a dash of glitter to your popcorn for that truly magical effect.

Magic Sparkles and Magic Twinkles are completely tasteless and won't interfere with your creations so go on, add some onto your crisps!

If you really want to give your dinner party an edge, sprinkle some sparkles along the rim of a glass like we've done! Trust us, it looks awesome.




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Magic Sparkles on Chinese Mooncake

Chinese Mooncake with Magic Sparkles Gold