Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Magic Sparkles and Magic Twinkles ?
Magic Sparkles and Magic Twinkles are essentially the same product, the only difference is that Twinkles are much finer. However Magic Sparkles were invented first, which is why the original brand name is Magic Sparkles.

Are they fully edible ?
Yes. Magic Sparkles and Magic Twinkles, unlike some other food glitters, are 100% edible as they are made of maltodextrin.

Are they flakes or glitter ?
Magic Sparkles are glitter flakes, giving off more of a holographic rainbow effect. Whereas twinkles are much finer, and more of an edible glitter.

Do they have any taste ?
No - Magic Sparkles and Magic Twinkles are completely tasteless so they will not interfere with the taste of your creations.

How do you apply them ?
Simply sprinkle them onto your foods. However, as our product is 100% edible and made of food ingredients, it will melt when it is in contact with a very moist surface. To apply to fondant you can just sprinkle them straight on, or if you prefer use edible glue or a very fine water mist spray prior to application. For buttercream, let it set for a bit then sprinkle on. See next question if you wish to apply to a certain area.

So do they dissolve in water ?
Yes - as Magic Sparkles and Magic Twinkles are essentially made from fully edible food products, they will dissolve upon contact with moisture and wet surfaces just as they do in your tummy.

How do you apply them to a certain area ?
To apply to a certain area, you can paint on a thin layer of edible glue. However, make sure you let it get tacky before sprinkling on the flakes.

Why are Magic Twinkles more expensive ?
Because the Twinkles are much finer, we add double the amount in each pot. In a pot we will give you 2 grams of Sparkles, but in the same pot you'll get 4 grams of Twinkles.

Why don't they have Magic Twinkles in the colour I want ?
Magic Twinkles are still quite new and right now we only make our best-selling colours in Twinkles. If you really want a specific colour you can always buy it in Sparkles and grind it down yourself.

What can I use them on ?

You can use them on nearly anything as long as they don't come in contact with liquid or moist surfaces. Take a look at the Gallery on this website for some inspiration !